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Service Dog Training

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This program is best for people who are looking to get a puppy to train into a service dog! We specialize in psychiatric service dogs and do not offer training for guide dogs. If you want to train your current dog as a service dog, please contact us and we will come evaluate your dog at your home!

What does the program include and how does it work?

Puppy Selection 

1. We will help you find a reputable breeder that is in the area. We have a list of breeders that we recommend. Our favorite breeds are Labrador retrievers, Standard poodles, Golden retrievers, and Collies, but if you want a different breed we are happy to walk you through the puppy selection process. 

2. We will work with the breeder and you to select a puppy that is best fit for you and your lifestyle. 

Puppy Socialization (8 weeks - 16 weeks) 

1. Your pup will go through a super fun but in depth puppy socialization course. It is similar to the puppy socialization class we offer, but we will expose your pup to a higher variety of environments and the experiences will be catered to the type of service dog they are preparing to be. 

2. At the end of the course, your pup will take the AKC Puppy S.T.A.R Puppy Test

Basic and Advanced Obedience
(16 weeks to 2 years)

1. Your pup will go through a combined basic and advanced obedience program that is geared towards having them take the AKC CGC test and the AKC CGCA Test. Dogs must past both tests to advance further into the program. 

2. Optional: Board and Train Program. Some dogs and handlers need a bit more help. Depending on the situation, I may recommend a 2-4 week board and train program to help set the foundation at an additional cost. 

Public Access and Task Training
( 2 years- 2.5/3 years)

1. Pick and train your dog in which ever tasks you want! Please view them here.

2. Take the public access test!

3. That's it! You will be allowed to schedule free monthly touch up private lessons after our program!

Pricing depends on the type of service dog you want and how many tasks you want or need. 
This is an estimate.

Monthly Payments


Pay in installments

Over the course of a year


Pay all at once


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your lesson with a 24 hour notice, then we will reschedule your lesson. If there is no or less than a 24 hour notice then your lesson will be paid for. 

Refund Policy

If for some reason your service dog in training does not make it through the program and you paid all at once, then you will be refunded the remainder depending on where you are in the program. 

Behavior is not static. An animal will not continue to perform even trained behaviors without ongoing practice. Ultimately, your dog’s behavior is your responsibility. There are no money back guarantees or refunds once lessons have commenced.

  • All requests for transfers or refunds must be requested 1 business day prior to the first lesson.

  • A 10% cancellation fee will be deducted from all approved refunds.

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