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About Us

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We are a company that provides tailored canine nutrition and dog training.

Whilst we love all types of dog owners whether that be pet owners, service handlers, and dog sport lovers, we specialize in reactive dogs especially ones that came from the shelter and service dogs!

We help dog owners understand what their dog is trying to communicate. We work with both the owner and the dog to develop a lifestyle that both can enjoy. Rather than simply teaching you how to train, we will use your feedback and opinions to shape our training sessions so that you can best understand us. 

Training is so much more than just throwing treats at the dog. K9 Wellness Academy is a firm believer and practitioner of relationship based dog training. It is a training method that focuses on improving your relationship with your dog and trust. 

We work with all breeds, all sizes, and all backgrounds.

French Bulldog, 11 Pounds 
Canine Nutrition Program
Mix, 50 Pounds 
Behavioral Modification
Toy Poodle, 9 Pounds 
Behavioral Modification
Irish Wolfhound,  90 + Pounds 
Basic Obedience
Cattle Dog Mix, 20 Pounds 
Behavioral Modification
German Shepherd Mix, 110 Pounds 
Basic Obedience

About the owner

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Irene Roman started this company during her college years in hopes of helping pet parents provide a healthier lifestyle for their dogs. She has been training for 4+ years. She first started off interning at the North Valley Veterinary Center under the supervision of Misty Heirchbein. She learned about the effect of canine nutrition on animal behavior and went on to get her canine nutrition certification from Canine Animal Science Institute.

From there she deepened her understanding of animal behavior by completing a shadow training program with Shane Murray. She continues to expand her knowledge by attending professional dog training such as the Canine Science Symposium and canine nutrition conferences to keep up to date about training methods and nutrition. 

Irene spend most of her free time training her service dog in training, Remaru. 

"Life is not any fun without a well behaved dog by your side"

Irene first graduated with a degree in psychology from Scripps College. She promptly realized that the clinical atmosphere was just not for her and that she desired a more hands on approach. This lead her to discover her love for working with reactive dogs. She is a lifetime member with IAABC and studied many areas of canine behavior through Maddie's University. 
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