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1. Do you work with clients online?

It depends. You must first schedule a consultation and if you are a good candidate for our online program then we will work with you. If not, then I will refer you to a trusted professional in your area. Dogs with extreme levels of reactivity and health issues may not be fit for our online program. 

2. Do you work with dog's with a bite history?

Yes I do! However your dog must be muzzled or kenneled during the consultation for safety precautions. 

3. Do you provide temperament testing or can you help me pick out a puppy?

Of course. We are in contact with a lot of reputable breeders that do health testing and temperament testing. There is often a wait for dog's from reputable breeders, but it definitely worth the wait for a healthy stable confident dog. If you are interested in getting a dog from a shelter, then we are happy to come and work with the dog at the shelter prior to adoption. Please email us at for inquiry. 

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