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Recipes made just for you

Custom Diet Formulations are a good fit for dog owners who want recipes + 1:1 Client support.

If you only want recipes and do not want/ need client support, then the instant access to recipes might be a better fit. You can view that service here. 

Recipes provide all the essential nutrients your adult or puppy dog's needs, tailored to meet the nutrition standards for canine maintenance. This includes considering your dog's breed(s) and specific physiology, and genetic profile if available. I leverage my breed knowledge and experience to determine the best plan for your dog's daily caloric intake.


I select ingredients based on food science principles to ensure they are biologically available and highly digestible. Guidelines from the National Research Council (NRC) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) or the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) are used for checks and balances. My experience helps me set appropriate nutrient levels to meet your dog's specific needs.


It's crucial to provide a complete and balanced diet that considers your dog's breed, age, metabolism, individual frame, and other critical factors unique to your dog.

So What's Included?

Welcome package

  • Outline of what to expect during the formulation process

Client Portal

  • I will establish a client portal to store all your documents, including client forms, email copies, medical records, laboratory analysis reports, and medication information. Careful documentation and reporting are essential for tracking your pet's nutritional health. Any changes made to your pet's diet or health status are uploaded to the portal for future reference.

Getting Started Package

  • The getting started package lists recommended supplies you should get to make the process of preparation safer and easier. 

  • This is sent out before formulations are delivered so that you have time to purchase and prepare. 

A Balanced Dog Formulation

  • Your dog’s recipe(s) is formulated using canine nutrition guidelines recommended for your specific dog. 

  • All recipes are either NRC or AAFCO balanced 

1:1 Client Support

  • I will provide support until your membership is canceled.

  • All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours 

  • I will check in with you biweekly to ensure everything is smooth sailing with your pup. 

One Recipe + 1-1 Client Support...65 a month

Two Recipes + 1-1 Client Support...75 a month

Specialized Case + 1-1 Client Support...75 a month



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