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Advanced Obedience

Book a free consultation to get started today!
Advanced Obedience classes are primarily geared towards dog owners who are interested in therapy or service work as well as dog sports. You must book a consultation prior to enrollment in our advanced obedience classes and have participated in prior basic obedience classes. These are private lessons that occur for at least 1 hour each week. 
If you are interested in group training please visit our free community event page for pack walks and track days!

What you and your dog CAN learn?

Competition Heel

We will start building a focus heel that is used in dog obedience sports.

Place with Distractions

Learn how to teach your dog to stay in designated spot even with dogs and people around.

Intelligent Disobedience

This is a skill that can be applied to a variety of commands, but it is the idea that a dog will only perform a command within certain requirements

Off Leash Work 

Teach your dog how to perform tasks without a leash (i.e. sit and down  from a distance) and start building an auto recall. 

Loose-Leash Walking

Your dog will walk either by your side or slightly in front of you and will not pull on the leash. 

Polite greetings with People

Dog will not pull to greet people and will keep all four paws on the ground. 

Door Way Manners

Dog will not run out of the door and will wait inside when you leave. 

Mental Enrichment

Learn how to make mental enrichment lick mats and fun games to keep your dog entertained.


A la carte

Pay as you go


4 pack

4 lessons, $200 prepaid


Age Requirement

All dogs must be 4 months or older to be in this class. If you're interested in working with your puppy please visit the puppy socialization page

Training Equipment 

  • 6 foot leash

  • Training Pouch (silicone is best)

  • Brushes for grooming exercise

  • Training Treats (such as freeze dried chicken or green tripe)

  • A training collar or a harness

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your lesson with a 24 hour notice, then we will reschedule your lesson. If there is no or less than a 24 hour notice then your lesson will be paid for. 

Refund Policy

Behavior is not static. An animal will not continue to perform even trained behaviors without ongoing practice. Ultimately, your dog’s behavior is your responsibility. There are no money back guarantees or refunds once lessons have commenced.

  • All requests for transfers or refunds must be requested 1 business day prior to the first lesson.

  • A 10% cancellation fee will be deducted from all approved refunds.

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