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Dogs Running

Free Community Events

Join us for fun group hikes, track and field days, and pack walks!

Track and Field Days

When: Every Thursday at noon

Where: Claremont Mckenna Track Field

This is a great opportunity to socialize your dog in a safe enclosed space. There are lots of fun objects around like hurdles, exercise machines, and bleachers to help build confidence. A short or long leash is required. 

Pomona Farm Pack Hikes

When: Every Saturday 9 am

Where: Pomona Farm - Meet at the Sontag Greek Theater

We will walk through the farm area and let the dogs run on the open field. This meetup works best for dogs with a moderate to strong recall as it is an open space with no fencing and there are also chickens on the premise. However, you are welcome to bring your dog on a long leash if you are concerned about recall. (My dog will be on a long leash so do not be ashamed)

Sand Zoomies

When: Every Wednesday at 6pm

Where: Pitzer Volley Ball Court

Perfect opportunity to let your dog play with other dogs without the concern of them running away or getting muddy. No recall needed.  

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