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Kennel Training and why you should do it?

As a dog trainer one of the things I hear a lot is "my dog seemed stressed out so I stopped". I get it I do!

I feel that way too man. When my dog cries I feel a bit of my heart crack a little, but I would much rather have them be a little stressed out at home learning how to stay calm in the kennel then freak out at the groomers and the vet. They freak out once like sticks for life and now suddenly your stuck with a dog that hates the groomers and the vet.

Kenneling is part of resilience training which means that it helps your dog tolerate stressful moments. If you kennel train properly, then when you go to the vet or the groomers, the potentially uncomfortable situation is offset by having a comfortable safe place to stay.

Kennel training is also one of those things that is extremely easy to screw up and is usually a

rushed process. Instead of sticking your dog in the kennel as a puppy and letting them cry it out, you should instead build a positive relationship with the kennel. Toss treats into the kennel and let them come out. Repeat this until they want to go into the kennel. If they go into the kennel by themselves then you should heavily reward them for that! Only close the door for 1-2 seconds and increase it incrementally. Take your time!

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